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Kreg Jig Master system

kreg jig 2

If you do any kind of woodworking joinery, the Kreg Jig Master system will make your life easier.
I have used this jig to build: + It will join pieces at a 0 degree angle and at a right angle.
+ joins pieces at any other angle

How to Paint Doors- Painting Doors the Easy way

How to paint doors the easy way. Have you ever had to paint a bunch of doors, and limited on space? Tired of painting one side and waiting to dry? Painting doors has just gotten a whole lot easier. The Door Decker support system makes painting doors a breeze. These door deckers allow you to stack up to 10 doors at a time. Very Handy.

RIDGID X4 Fuego Compact Drill/Driver Review

RIDGID X4 Fuego Drill in depth and unbiased review, from an actual owner. This is a great drill, watch as this guy discusses the pros and cons of the

    Ridgid X4 Fuego drill

Ridgid Fuego Drills on Amazon


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