Home Remodel – Getting a WHOLE Brand New House

Entire home demolition! It’s now December 3rd and this is the current state of the remodel! It’s been a little over 5 months and not much has taken place… “Why?” you ask, Well a number of reasons for the delays including the landlord changing his mind, an architect that had to be replaced because of inaccuracies and the 1900 section of the house was not structurally sound. SO here we are today… The 1900 section had to be demo’ed. It was actually a lovely experience as word got around town about the homes demo and people kept stopping by throughout the day. Many actually lived (or grandparents lived) in the house. A husband and wife who met because of the house came by and a woman’s husband who started his career by working for the owners of the farm. Thinking back on it we should have let the local newspaper know about it because it seemed so many people had a history here. The new architect is AMAZING (not sure I should give his name yet), but he cleaned up the other architects work and pulled the plans together for a very sound space and works well with the already established contractor…definitely a nice fit of people (thankfully!). Living in the trailer has been challenging. There have been a few times I wanted to throw in the towel. We are still paying full rent to live in the trailers and when I contracted West Nile Virus, trying to recover in this environment with 6 people has been a bit of a struggle. BUT The new house will be awesome and we love living in

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