How to Lay Wall Tile with ease.

Want to know how to lay wall tile, the easy way? Yes there is an easy way, that is really hassle free, and simple enough that any Diy’er can do.  Laying tile on the walls use to involve at least to days work, one for setting the tile, and another for grouting the tile.  It also involved using either a mastic of mortar of some kind that was hard to mix, and was always a mess.  This was the old way on.  With advances in technology, you can now complete your tiling projects in just one day, with this new product called Bondera.

Bondera is an adhesive mat that allows you to complete your tile job in 3 easy steps.

Place the bondera adhesive mat on the wall

Place tile and set in place

Apply grout  and clean up.

It is really that easy. You can make this task even simpler by purchasing pre mixed grout, which eliminated the need for any kind of mixing tools.  To Mix Grout it normally requires a fairly stout drill, which a lot of do it yourselfers dont have.  While the premixed grout does cost a little more than the other, the time and ease of use, well makes up for it.

Bondera can be used on many different surfaces, and makes installing tile a breeze either for the novice or professional.  It is also very cost effective to use as well.  With the rising costs of contractors, and labor, this product will help you save a bundle.   Bondera also allows you to work at your own pace, it is not a race against the clock to bet everything installed before mortar starts to dry. This is great for most diy’ers because, sometimes things like cutting a piece around an outlet or ripping a bottom or top row, can be time consuming for those who dont do it everyday.

Another added bonus, is that since you can do this work yourself, you can take the money you would save on a contractor, and apply that to a more expensive tile.  This is just one of the many added benefits, of this great product, that allows you to get a high end tile job at a fraction of the cost, and you will also have the satisfaction, of a professional looking job that you did yourself.  Be sure to check out Bondera before your next tile project.  It can save you a fortune.

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