Kreg Jig Master system

Kreg Jig Master System

kreg jig master systemA review from an actual customer.

If you do any kind of woodworking joinery, the Kreg Jig Master system will make your life easier.

I have used this jig to build:

– a crosscut sled for my table saw (.75″ birch ply)

– walnut cabinets for my master bath (.75″ walnut, .75″ birch ply)

– amp cabinet enclosure for a red-knob Fender twin (.75″ birch ply)

– Speaker enclosure for another guitar amp (.75″ birch ply)

– A bathtub surround for a whirlpool tub (1.5″ 2×4’s and 2×6’s, some 22.5 degree angles

The Kreg Jig isĀ  by Far the easiest method to join pieces I have ever used.

Pros of the Kreg Jig Master System

+ It will join pieces at a 0 degree angle and at a right angle.

+ joins pieces at any other angle

+ allows material thicknesses up to 1.5″ (2×4’s etc)

+ it is Simple and easy to use

+ When joining the pieces, the screws pull the pieces together, so sometimes clamps and glue aren’t necessary if face alignment isn’t critical.

+ the screws are cheap and readily available (Amazon, HomeDepot, Lowes, Woodcraft, Rockler etc)

+ The joints are strongkreg jig 2

Kreg Jig Master System Cons:

– While the face-clamp is crucial for alignment, it’s not always enough… the screws pull and will often pull stronger than this clamp. Therefore, I use a bar or pipe clamp across the long dimension to hold things absolutely still when driving the screws

– It becomes cumbersome to move the jig several times on long pieces. (they do sell pocket hole machines for production, but $$$)

– I only use pocket joinery on joints that either will be invisible, or I don’t care if the holes are visible. I haven’t had good experience with the plugs.

– The stop ring has slipped on me a few times, causing me to drill a few holes in my jig, and through my workpiece. If you see blue plastic in the sawdust, you’ll know.

In summary I CAN’T RECOMMEND the KREG JIG MASTER SYSTEM ENOUGH! It is a massive time & headache saver. Definitely worth the price.


Click Here for Kreg Jig Projects

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