RIDGID 1/4 in. AC Collated Screw Gun Overview | ridgid collated screw gun

ridgid collated screw gun 2The Ridgid Collated Screw Gun is a must have if you are doing projects that require a lot of screws. I recently picked up one of these screw guns and have used it several times already.  It is quite a Time saver, and those in the trades know that time is money.  I was torn between this actual gun and Senco Version as I am a fan of both.  I decided to go with the ridgid screw gun, to save a few bucks, and they have always came through on their warranty for me.  Senco screws work with the collated screw gun, and replacement tips are readily available at most stores.  This was my first collated screw gun purchase so it did take a little getting used to, but once you get in rythm with this gun you can really move. This Ridgid Collated Screw Gun is also priced low enough where a do it yourselfer could still justify buying this for an upcoming project. Screwing down deckboards typically takes forever one at a time, but with this autofeed system you never miss a beat.  It also is help for hanging drywall as well. That was my primary intent for buying this, and so far I am happy.  Now I am more of a carpenter, and dont hang 1000’s of Square feet of drywall daily, and if I was I would probably recommend a higher priced collated screw gun, just for more durability. That being said though, for a couple rooms it is definitely worth the investment.  Hanging rock by yourself is much easier.ridgid collated screw gun 1

Overall the ridgid collated screw gun, is really nice screw gun for the money. Whether youre building a deck, hanging drywall, or screwing down subfloor, this gun will save you time, money, and get your project done.  For casual use this is the screw gun of choice.  But overall this auto feed screw gun is a five star quality tool for those smaller projects.  The video below gives a brief visual overview of the Ridgid collated screw gun in action, as well as how to set it up and maintain.

Product overview

The RIDGID 1/4 in. AC Collated Screw Gun features a powerful motor that provides 3,700 RPM for sinking screws up to 3 in. The depth-of-drive adjustment helps you drive screws a consistent depth, while the adjustable nose piece accommodates different screw sizes for hassle-free driving. The lock-on button enables continuous screw driving to reduce fatigue, and the belt hook helps you conveniently carry the screw gun when not in use.

Powerful 6.5-amp motor – provides 3,700 RPMs to drive up 1 in. – 3 in. screws
Compact design – lightweight design offers greater ergonomics for extended use
Hex grip overmold – offers maximum comfort for extended use
Tool free nose piece – easily and quickly change between 1 in. – 3 in. fastener sizes
Reversible belt clip – for ease of use for left and right hand users
Oversized depth adjustment wheel – for easily countersinking screws at desired setting
Single finger trigger with lock-on button – allows for single or rapid driving applications
Includes: R6791 collated screwdriver with drywall nosepiece, wood nosepiece, Phillips bit, square bit, hex key, nosepads (2), contractor bag and operator’s manual
ETL and UL listed

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